Business Water

Do you know being a business owner you can your water supplier as well.

But how do you know which water providers are best? And how can you find the best business water rates in the UK? We’ll handle that part for you. Beta Energy Direct will help you secure the best rate for your business water needs.


  • Business Water Suppliers
  • Why do you need to switch to a Supplier
  • Benefits of switching a water supplier
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Business Water

Business Water Suppliers

It’s easy and simple to manage the water supply for your business. A variety of payment options make it simple to pay your water bill. Take a look at what we do and get in touch with us to request a quote or learn (contact us page) how we can help. We assist a number of UK businesses in managing their business water needs.

We have also helped our clients to achieve significant savings on their business water bills. Our experts will save your business money and offer you better services, from reviewing your water usage to current market rates. Every business has cost savings, from a shop on the corner to large manufacturing operations. So, our team is experienced in accessing your needs and identifying the best tariffs that suit you.

Why you need to Switch to a Supplier

It’s a common misconception that business water can not be switched and customers have to stay with the same supplier but you can switch your water supplier and the same money on your business water bill At Beta Energy Direct, we use our expertise to prove how fast and easy switching can be. Water offers a straightforward way to cut costs for your business. So, compare the prices now and switch to the best supplier.

You can save around 20 to 25 % on your business water bills by switching suppliers. Once you’ve found suitable rates, you can fix them for up to three years. You can also find a cheaper deal with lower rates.

Benefits of Switching a Water Supplier?

Many business owners are unaware that they have the same flexibility in choosing their water suppliers as they do in choosing their energy suppliers. Businesses, nonprofit organizations, and some public sector organizations can transfer commercial water suppliers in 2017 because of new legislation deregulating the water market. Hence, switching a supplier is legal and there are several advantages of changing water suppliers with Beta Energy Direct such as:

  • Switching water suppliers is a quick and simple process with Beta Energy and your water supply won’t be interrupted.
  • Changing water providers may enable you to negotiate a better agreement at a lower rate. By switching suppliers, it has been calculated that businesses might save almost 25% on their water bills.
  • You can lock in rates for up to three years after finding the right water supplier for your business.

  • Since different offers are available from different suppliers, you can find a water contract with a new supplier that is better suited to your company’s requirements.
  • Businesses with many locations can choose one supplier for all of them and combine their bills into a single contract.
  • You will be able to get better service and business advice from Beta Energy Direct. Good customer service is essential, so it can be worthwhile to transfer to a different water supplier if you are dissatisfied with your present one’s service.

Why you should choose Beta Energy Direct

Beta Energy Direct hit the business utility market of the UK with one mission to help businesses save as much money as possible on their all business utilities. Since then, we’ve certainly lived up to our aim. Today, we’re the leading choice for businesses seeking the very best deals on their business utility bills.

Water is the most important need of every business. When we talk about business water needs in the UK, we must know the related regulations and policies, so that we can save money and choose the best supplier for us. At Beta Energy Direct, we check your supply data to establish whether you can switch now. So, let us help you find the best deal for your business utilities.


What is a business water footprint?

The total amount of fresh water utilised to sustain and run a business, both directly and indirectly, is known as a corporate or business water footprint.

Can I choose my business water supplier instantly?

Yes, with Beta Energy Direct you can instantly choose your business water supplier. All you have to do is compare the suppliers now at our comparison engine and choose the best option for your business. If that seems inconvenient, we are a phone call away. Contact us at 0800-999-1160.

Why is my water bill so high UK?

Your bills are based on your water usage, thus an increase in your bill could be the result of using more water than you anticipated. But if you feel your bill is higher than your water usage then it probably it’s time to make a switch. Contact us here and we will guide you through the process.

How much water does a small business use?

On average water consumption, for office buildings, is 50 litres for each employee each working day.