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Comparing Business Phones and Broadband with Human Experts

Compare business phones and broadband to Beta Energy Direct ( BED )ic to find fixed prices for standard, ultra-fast and ultra-fast broadband packages.

How Beta Energy Business Broadband Comparison Works

No Lengthy Forms

How Beta Energy Works

A zip code alone is enough to start comparing business phones and broadband. Find the details you need to create a quote using secure smart data.

We Do The Comparison

How Beta Energy Works 2

Once you’ve got a better idea of ​​what your business needs from business phones and broadband, compare offers from our panel of trusted UK providers.

We Speak Through Quotes

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Our experts will explain the offer and answer your questions on screen. Choose the offer you like the most. We make the switch for you.

Your Beta Energy Direct (BED) Comparison is Free. If you decide to switch, we’ll be paid a commission by the new supplier that is included in the prices we quote.

Why You Should Talk To Us

If you haven’t switched between phone and broadband in a year or so, you may be overpaying for calls and still have slow internet speeds. However, comparing offers can be tricky, especially if you don’t know the exact speed you need. Beta Energy Direct breaks down the jargon and guides you through the options to find the best deal from its panel.

A package that fits your needs

Most businesses benefit from ultra-fast fiber and ultra-fast fiber, but our agents always provide customized recommendations based on your exact needs.

Don’t overpay for speed you don’t need

There are no unwelcome surprises because we validate the actual speeds you get at your location instead of relying on supplier marketing headlines.

Future-proof your business and achieve rapid growth

Talk to our experts for unrivaled connectivity options with your own leased line with dedicated bandwidth just for your business.

All parts of the service using Beta Energy Direct ( BED )

Fixed Price Promise, Unlimited Packages

We have an exclusive deal with a panel of suppliers that will never raise the price of broadband and phone lines for the duration of the contract. We only sell unlimited broadband packages and all special unlimited packages are so you don’t have to worry about extra charges.

Business Connectivity

Organize all your business essentials in one place

Business Telecom

Beta Energy Direct is your one-stop shop for business energy, business insurance, business connectivity (phone lines, broadband, VoIP, cellular) and business finance (loans). Save time and hassle by having all your business products sorted in one place. All important services have only one name to remember.