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We are an independent business utilities service providing firm based in Manchester, United Kingdom. When finding the most competitive deal on your business energy, business gas, insurance, and other utility solutions, make sure your journey starts here with Beta Energy Direct. We make it simple for you to compare business energy suppliers, making it even easier for you to discover a great bargain on commercial energy.

So, from getting a quote to switching suppliers, we’ll make sure your journey is quick, easy, and straightforward. There are no lengthy forms to fill in; all we need from you is your postcode and some basic details on what you’re currently paying for your energy. We’ll use this information to search the market for the most competitive deals, making them available in seconds.

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We specialise in providing business utility services to small to medium-sized businesses around the UK to help them get affordable tariffs from top suppliers, such as

  • Business Electricity Tariffs.
  • Business Gas Tariffs.
  • Business Finance and Instant Loans.
  • Business Card Terminals.
  • Business Internet Tariffs.
  • Business Water Tariffs.
  • Business Insurance Tariffs.

Business Energy

Every business needs electricity, and finding the right supplier and tariff can be time-consuming and frustrating. But, we are here to get you the best supplier within no time. We have saved our clients' thousands of pounds on business energy bills and have made it easier for them to make a switch.

When you need to focus on your growing business, let us ensure that the energy costs for your new site or venture are kept to a minimum. Your business requires talking to our electricity team today for the best rates and services available on the most critical business utility.

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Business Gas

Our experienced consultants have access to the entire UK Gas Market and have up-to-the-minute knowledge to quickly identify the right product and keep prices low. We will give you back from collecting information on your current business gas usage and negotiating rates to completing the required paperwork. Contact our Gas Team today to start looking forward to a better standard of service and cost for your business's gas requirement. “Now is the time to get more in less! Switch to the affordable gas supplier with Beta Energy Direct and save up to 30% on your business gas bills”

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Business Finance

Dealing with a business's finances is difficult in this competitive environment. The financial planning process is an essential step toward ultimately achieving your financial goals and dealing with the cash flow problems of your business. We are here to provide financial support for your business. Our underlying core value is that our service should not be investment or product-driven but client-defined & customized to individualized business situations.

we are here to help you get your financial share of the pie and make money work in your favour.

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Business Card Terminals

Most consumers prefer to pay by card for goods and services so business Card Terminals are needed in today's business world. Eventually, whether you run a High Street business or an e-commerce store, you need to be able to accept cards easily. Being an SME business utility specialist, we are here to get the best merchant card machine rates for your business. We ensure a fast, flexible, and secure payment journey for your customers.

So, talk to our team today and get the best deals on merchant card terminals for your business now.

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Business Telecom and Broadband

Our Telecom and Broadband Services will assist you in identifying the best broadband option for your company and provide continuing support throughout your contract. Use our telecom broadband comparison to understand how different bandwidths work in favour of your business.

Our team of connectivity and business telecoms experts is at your service. Contact our team now and avail the best deal for the business.

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Business Water

We have helped our clients to achieve significant savings on their business water bills. Our experts will save your business money and offer you better services, from reviewing your water usage to current market rates to choosing a better option for your business. Our team is experienced in accessing your needs and identifying the best tariffs that suit your business best. As water offers a straightforward way to cut costs for your business. So, compare the prices now and switch to the best supplier.

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Business Insurance

Business insurance protects businesses against losses from everyday activities, particularly when the company faces a compensation claim. We cover professional indemnity public and employers' liability insurance to ease your business. Our business insurance plans protect you against professional mistakes, accidents, theft, damage, and legal fees.

You need business insurance to protect your business against the everyday risks of running your business. So, contact our team now to ensure your business.

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Business POS

Choosing a POS system is not easy, especially when you’re a small shop with a limited budget for a point of sale. Many UK providers do not display pricing openly and often require the kind of commitment and investment only large companies can afford. But several affordable, cloud-based point of sale systems are available today, whether it’s for an off-licence, gift shop, florist, bike shop or other independent store. We have weeded through the options and chosen the most trustworthy, affordable till systems for retail.

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