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Smartphones are part of our daily lives and now part of our work. Take advantage of our mobile business offers and unique customized plans to find the plan that’s right for you. Beta Energy Direct (BED) for overseas travel packages are just what you need with options like World Travel Select.

Or, if you want to save money on landline and cell phone calls, the BED Duo product is for you. Share data and save money with Select & Share, or launch a state-of-the-art mobile work fleet with our cell phone leasing service. Gain complete control over all your company’s devices with a personalized mobile device management plan.

Business Mobile Phones UK

How Beta Energy Business Mobile Phones Comparison Works

No Lengthy Forms

How Beta Energy Works

Your credit history alone is enough to start comparing business mobile phones. Find the details you need to create a quote using secure smart data.

We Do The Comparison

How Beta Energy Works 2

Once you’ve got a better idea of ​​what your business needs from business mobile phones, compare offers from our panel of trusted UK providers.

We Speak Through Quotes

How Beta Energy Works 3

Our experts will explain the offer and answer your questions on screen. Choose the offer you like the most. We make the switch for you.

Why Beta Energy Direct (BED)

Your Beta Energy Direct (BED) Comparison is Free. If you decide to switch, we’ll be paid a commission by the new supplier that is included in the prices we quote.

Network Selection

Whether you prefer O2, Vodafone or EE, we have a variety of plans to choose from. And unlike most providers, you can combine multiple plans from different networks on one bill to make your life easier.

Great Value

As an independent provider, we offer the latest mobile phones from Samsung and Apple. Combined with our own commercial agreements with major networks, we offer the most competitive prices on the market.

Wide Selection

From low-cost SIM-only plans to terminal management software, we have products that meet the needs of our customers. We are one of the few providers that can offer the full range of features as part of both Vodafone and O2 shared data plans. B. Data and International Proceedings.

Business Mobile Phones UK

Excellent Customer Service

We have the largest B2B mobile base outside of the major mobile networks. That’s why we’re proud to have a 4.5 rating from our customers on Trustpilot. All customers receive dedicated account management. If you run into any issues, visit our friendly 24/7 troubleshooting team based in the UK.

Business Mobiles

Account Control

Easily manage your mobile accounts with online account management platform. We give you the information you need, when and how you need it. Access billing information and customized reports, set mobile billing limits, activate SIM cards, and more.

Customized Service

Whatever your business mobile needs, we can create a custom solution to meet your unique needs. From flexible payment options like cell phone leasing to mid-month add-ons, you can rest assured that we’re big enough to deliver, yet big enough to handle it.

Business Class Mobile Phones

9 Years And Counting

We are proud to be the UK’s best network for 9 years in a row. Many people are working more flexibly and need a reliable mobile network that supports video conferencing, document sharing, and instant chat on the go. So choose the one that best suits your business.

5G Over BED

We are the unbeatable 5G network. So you can quickly send and receive large files and hold video conferences in the highest quality while on the go. And super-fast internet means your daily work feels super-fast.

Always-On Data

We are the network your business can trust. Only BED allows you to stay connected beyond your data plan. Ensure business-critical apps such as Email, WhatsApp, Maps, etc. are available by switching to a low speed of 0.5 Mbps.

Benefits of BED Service

With BED, you get access to great service benefits within your plan at no additional cost. Make sure your device and account are suitable for your business for the duration of the contract. Also, our lifetime warranty means we will replace any defective unit free of charge the next day. Warranty does not apply to SIM-only plans or devices not purchased directly from BED.

Smart Benefits. BED Only

Do you travel for work? Roam Abroad allows BED plans to be used in 50 major business destinations worldwide. Or choose Apple Music, BT Sport Ultimate, Video Pass, Microsoft 365 Personal, or 500 minutes international calls from the UK.

Support That Works For You

BED has the services you need. Like extended tech support to fix more issues remotely. You can also contact our UK call center at any time by calling us. Our full or casualty insurance means you can replace your business equipment quickly and easily. You can also choose AppleCare with your iPhone plan.

Apple Iphone 14 UK


All prices are exclusive of VAT unless otherwise stated. Small Biz Handset and Small Biz Data only for 24 or 36 months, Small Biz SIM only for 24 months, 12 months or 30 days or MBB SIM only purchased directly from BED.

Finance subject to status and credit checks, 18+, direct debit. You can upgrade at any time as long as you pay the outstanding balance of your loan contract. Additional terms apply if you have multiple devices on a single credit agreement. For more information, call BED Mobile toll-free at (0800) 999-1160. Credit provided by Telefonica UK Ltd, SL1 4DX. Telefonica UK Limited is licensed and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. Company reference number: 71882

UK calls/texts to standard UK landlines and mobiles, and roaming in the European Zone. Excludes value-added numbers and service numbers. Only European zone data is subject to the fair use policy. Special numbers outside the bundle are chargeable. Click here for more information.

**Customers with unlimited data plans will be charged for usage over 35 GB in the Europe zone. See our Terms of Service and Fair Use Policy for more information.

UK to EU including Transcripts and SMS: New and upgrading customers only. Small Biz Handset: 20GB plan includes 500 UK to EU talk time and texts, 70GB+ plan includes 2000 UK to EU talk time and texts. Small Biz SIM only: 20GB -50GB plan includes 500 minutes UK to EU plus SMS. Over 100 GB includes 2000 minutes of transcripts and texts from UK to EU. Use your free minutes and SMS credits to call standard landline or mobile numbers in Zones 1 and 2 from the UK (normally international rates). See for the latest list of countries and rates. Excludes special rates and service numbers.

Unlimited: Small Business Handy and Small Business SIM Only plans include Business International Call Saver Pass. This allows you to call countries in the European Zone (Zones 1 and 2) and North America (Zone 4 – USA and Canada) from the UK at a rate of 5p per minute from the UK to anywhere in the world. All other countries charge 10 pence per minute for calls from the UK (Zones 3, 5 and 6). Flexible pricing: New and upgraded customers only. For Small Biz plans, the plan can be changed to a non-promoted plan of the same type with less, more, or the same amount of data as the originally selected plan. For Sim-Sim Only, Data Only, and Mobile Broadband Only plans, the plan can be changed to a plan with the same or more data than the originally selected plan and of the same type and without promotions. Rate changes are allowed for 30 days from the connection date or upgrade date of each billing month.

Data rollover: New or upgraded customers only. Available on some plans with 6GB or more data, except 2GB triple data, 3GB double data, and unlimited data plans. Up to 100% of the unused monthly standard data volume can be carried over to the next month. The target date will only be updated for one month. Data that cannot be transferred will be confiscated. If you switch to another plan, unused data will not be migrated. 5G available in some areas. Accessing 5G requires a 5G device and a 5G-enabled plan.

Full terms of use and fair use policy apply. Delivery may be delayed. Inventory is subject to availability, status, credit and affordability checks and terms and conditions apply. See General Terms and Conditions for Business Customers.