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A working capital loan is what finances business activities such as contracts, inventory, promotion, and anything else that happens in the process of starting or running a business. If you need cash loans for your business, Beta Energy Direct is the right choice for you!


  1. Working Capital loans or Demand Loans – Explained!

  2. Features of Working Capital Loans

  3. Why should you choose Beta Energy Direct for Working Capital Loan?

  4. Is my Business Eligible for Working Capital Loan?

  5. Advantages of Working Capital Loans

  6. Frequently Asked Questions On Working Capital Loan

Beta Energy Direct provides loans that are used to fund a business’ daily operations. Such loans can be used to meet short-term operating needs than purchasing long-term assets and investments.

You can use current working capital loans to finance changes to your business. You can get or pay back the money when your business starts to reach its peak, and All you have to do to repay it is pay back the money when your business is not operating at all.

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Working Capital Loans or Demand Loans – Explained

A working capital loan is a type of small business loan used to fund the everyday operations of a business. Short-term financing provided by the loan enables companies to bridge financial gaps. It is classified as a “sole trader” loan or “demand loan.” Such loans can be taken all at once or over a series of installments.

Term refers to the length of time the loan has to repay. When a land, expanse, or real estate, is used as collateral to secure the loan, it usually has longer repayment terms and lower interest rates.

Features of Working Capital Loans

  • Every loan is raised by paying a certain amount of interest. Working capital loans, which are short-term loans, have higher interest rates.
  • Criteria for eligibility can range from collateral requirements to credit ratings.

From a business standpoint, a working capital loan should effectively address the needs for which it is raised. In this regard, liquidity ratios, particularly the quick ratio and cash ratio, working capital requirement, and cash conversion cycle are useful.

Why should you choose Beta Energy Direct For Working Capital Loan?

A business credit is usually affected when applying. A soft-check of credit points reduces your approval time, which in turn means returns go down as well.

At Beta Energy Direct (BED), firm credit-related processing is not done on different attributes like past performance. Rather, there are no obligations regarding what BED will do with the loan.

Loan amount is based on the lender’s assessment of your ability to clear the debt. We have a range of lenders at BED, and we can help you find the best one for your business. Don’t hesitate to contact our team right now to begin your working capital loan application here.

Is my Business Eligible for Working Capital Loan?

A working capital loan is more secure and convenient with Beta Energy Direct. You must bring trading with at least 3 months and be eligible to receive a maximum turnover limit. To make it simple, please read below the eligibility criteria and apply for a working capital loan now.

  • Your business is trading for 3 months minimum.
  • Your business should have a minimum £25k annual turnover.   
  • You must be an owner or partner of the company.
  • Your business must be based in the UK.

Advantages of Working Capital Loans

A working capital loan for small businesses can be an excellent opportunity for business owners. It enables small business owners to make changes and improvements to any business sector they desire. Working Capital Credit provides any borrower with a variety of short-term repayment options in exchange for immediate cash availability. Its low-interest rates and specific qualification criteria are included.


One of the biggest advantages of Working Capital Loans is the flexible collateral options they offer. There are no restrictions on spending or usage of the amount. Several other benefits are as follows:

●      Working Capital Loan provides the financial capacity to meet the daily operating requirements while dealing with these difficulties and maintaining a perfect credit record. ● The Working Capital Loan repayment period ranges from 6 to 24 months, providing the borrower with a comparatively shorter loan term. ● A Working Capital Loan can be a solution for balancing your operating expenditures even during the lean period of the year. ● When combined with optimal working capital management, it can provide effective cash management. ● Secures the business’s daily needs and has an impact on its long-term viability. ● Working capital loans are simple to obtain, process, and repay.

Working Capital Loan | Help Your Business Grow & Expand

Working capital business loans can help your business grow and expand, you should carefully consider your long-term business needs, plans, and goals before applying for one. Check to see if you can afford to repay the money you borrowed. Your company and personal assets, as well as your creditworthiness, may be jeopardized if you do not make the agreed-upon payments.

If you are running a business in Manchester or around the UK and you looking for a working capital loan with asset-based terms, we’re the team for you! We offer the best financing services to meet your requirements. Call us at 0161 791 4969 or email us at to get started.

Frequently Asked Questions On Working Capital Loan

  • Can I get a working capital with bad credit?
Yes, you can obtain a working capital even if your business has a bad credit. Contact us here to know more about how it works.
  • How do my business qualify for working capital loan?

If your business is trading for 3 months and you have an annual turnover of £25k then you can apply for working capital loan here.
  • What is the difference between term loan and working capital?
Working capital loans are usually short-term loans, with payback terms of less than two years. Whereas term loans can be short, medium, or long term – a short term loan usually has a one to two years repayment time, whilst long term loans often have 10-year repayment terms, but can go up to 30 years in some situations.
  • What is working capital used for?
Working capital loans are used for routine business operations rather than large purchases. Working capital is defined as your current assets less your current liabilities. Cash accounts receivable, and inventory are examples of current assets.
  • What is the working capital interest rate?
The interest rate of working capital loans varies from lender to lender. It is typically between 16 and 35 per cent, depending on the type of business and the amount borrowed.
  • How are working capital loans repaid?
Usually, working capital loans are repaid by the company’s assets. It depends on the agreement between the lender and the borrower.
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