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“Protection of your assets is one of the major security an owner is worried about and business is the most important asset so secure your business against any losses by business insurance with Beta Energy Direct”


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Business Insurance

Business insurance protects businesses against losses from everyday activities, particularly when the business can face a compensation claim. We cover professional indemnity, and public and employers’ liability insurance to ease your business. Our business insurance providers protect you against professional mistakes, accidents, theft, damage, and legal fees.

You need business insurance to protect you against the everyday risks of running your business. So, contact our team now to ensure your business.

What is Business Insurance?

Your organization is shielded against financial loss in the case of an accident or emergency by business insurance. You and your assets can be safeguarded from liability and disaster by a variety of business insurance policies.

We all know accidents occur whether or not you plan for them. Getting small business insurance is one approach to shield your company from unforeseen events. Learning about your alternatives is the most remarkable approach to selecting the appropriate insurance for your company and we are here to let you know the best ways to get your business insured.

Business Insurance Services

Business insurance protects companies from losses that occur during their usual operations, especially when they face a compensation claim. Among the options are professional indemnity insurance, public liability insurance, and employers’ liability insurance. You’ll need business insurance to protect yourself from the hazards of owning a company. Professional mistakes, accidents, theft, damage, and legal bills are all covered by business insurance.

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Insure Your Business Right Away!

When you own a business, you have a lot on your plate. Whether you’re just starting or have been running your own business for years, we’ve got you covered.

With Beta Energy Direct business insurance, you can combine the right covers for your company and add-ons to provide an extra layer of protection. That way, you’ll always know you’re only paying for what you need – nothing more, nothing less.

What Level of Business Insurance do I need?

Knowing how much coverage you require is critical; no one wants to pay for more coverage than they require. Fortunately, our covers are available in a variety of levels, allowing you to select the appropriate amount for your needs.

Whatever level of coverage you choose, you’ll be covered for the same thing. The main distinction will be the amount of compensation you will be entitled to in the event of a claim. To know more about coverage and level of business insurance.

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Our Customers are Our First Priority

Customer satisfaction is essential to our team here at Beta Energy Direct, so to ensure you enjoy our top-notch service, you’ll be appointed as a dedicated account manager. This means you’ll speak to the same person every time. They’ll also keep in touch and remind you when your renewal date is due, so you’ll never pay over the odds on your insurance plans.

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Benefits of Business Insurance

Business insurance can help protect you and your company in a variety of ways. From repairing or replacing property damaged by a covered loss to helping cover the legal costs from a lawsuit, it can help your business through the unexpected. Purchasing business insurance is only one component of minimizing your business losses. Pairing insurance coverage with the right risk management strategies can save your business money. Implementing good risk management practices can help minimize the chance of a lawsuit and lower costs in the long run. So, to get your business covered, contact us at 0800-999-1160 and we will guide you through.

Ready to get a quote?

It’s fine if you’re still unsure about the type of business insurance you require. When you request a quote, we will ask you some specific questions that will help guide you in the right direction – regardless of what your company does. Simple as that.

Benefits of Business Insurance


Is business insurance mandatory in the UK?

Under UK Law, employers’ liability cover is the only type of business insurance that is mandatory. Whereas, there are certain types of insurance that you may require to fully secure your business. For more information, pin us at 0800-999-1160 or email us at

Can I be fined for not having business insurance?

As business insurance is not a legal requirement, you will not be fined.

Is business insurance a legal requirement?

Business insurance is a legal requirement as per companies house blog you can be fined up to £2500 everyday you go unprotected.

Does a small business in the UK need insurance?

We suggest that small businesses should need business insurance to protect the business from any accident or financial loss. For further guidance, contact us here and we will guide you through the process.