Electricity is one of the biggest business overhead expenditures for UK businesses, so it makes sense to ensure you’re on the cheapest tariff. With so many suppliers to choose from, finding great deals on business electricity can feel like an overwhelming task – but that’s where Beta Energy comes in! We compare hundreds of tariffs in no time and give you instant access to incredible deals.Our agents have the required qualifications and skills to bring out the best for you. And, you can do everything online with us ( via our call center and online form) ! So, you can have our assistance to shop suppliers, choose the tariff that’s right for you and track your switch. The power is in your hands. Let us help you make big savings on your business energy / utility…

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We at Beta Energy Direct Ltd, give you the easiest way to save money on business gas. When you’re busy running your business and managing business overheads, it can be easy to put your gas bill renewal on the back burner. That’s because a lot of businesses believe that switching suppliers is a time-consuming and full of hassle task - but it’s not. Since 2015, we’ve helped businesses of all sizes cut their gas bills – and we make the entire process super simple, too. We give you instant access to great deals in shortest possible time and you can complete the entire switch online, so you'll save time as well as money. Stop paying over the odds for your business gas and find a better deal with a little help from our award-winning comparison engine…

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Water is a most important need of every living thing. You can live life without anything but not water for maximum time. When we talk about business water needs in UK, we must know the related regulations and policies, so that we save money and choose the best for us. Deregulation of non-domestic water market in Scotland has happened creating a highly competitive suppliers’ market which can potentially save you thousands of pounds on water – irrespective of your annual usage. Water in England however, is due to be deregulated in 2017, (Wales has opted out of deregulation) but before then, larger consumers using over 5,000 litres of water per annum can switch now. We can check your supply data to establish whether you can switch now – all we need is a copy of your latest bill. While there are many differences between the energy and water markets, there are also many similarities as competition is introduced, especially in terms of customer expectations and reactions. Let us help you find the best deal for you.

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At Beta Energy Direct Ltd, we aim to take the strain out of broadband (internet) comparison. Good broadband deals aren't just about the price, it's also about what's included in the product, the speeds offered and any extra incentives providers are offering. To balance all of these, we have developed a ranking formula that takes into account deals that are proving to be popular with our customers, that are competitive in the market and have a smooth buying process. If you prefer, you can sort deals by monthly cost, speed or contract length. You can also choose to show costs as monthly or full contract, which lets you see the total spend over the contract period, including any setup costs. We always prefer you to contact us with required details, and our representative will help at each n every step of choosing the right broadbad package for you.

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Welcome to Beta Energy Direct Ltd

Your Partner in Business Energy / Utilities Comparison

Here at Beta Energy Direct Ltd, we provide business energy / utilities solutions for our clients throughout the UK. We compare and bring our the best to you.

We work to provide complete business energy solutions to make sure you’re in control on how much you’re spending and how it’s being used. Helping to reduce costs and manage your energy efficiently, we’ve been in the industry for many years and have helped corporates throughout the UK to limit their energy spend through innovative methods, technologies and careful management.

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We give you an effortless way to compare business energy suppliers quickly - making it easier for you to find an incredible deal on commercial energy.Our representative do all the needful for you.

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Go to our comparison engine , enter your details and information about your current business energy usage to get a bespoke quote for your business.


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We at Beta Energy, help you select the right deal for you and we’ll take care of the arrangements between your suppliers. You don’t have to worry about a thing!


Once you’ve chosen the right business energy deal for your business, we’ll manage the arrangements between your suppliers, including the switch.

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