Smart Ways to Minimize Business Electricity Usage

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November 25, 2022
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Smart Ways to Minimize Business Electricity Usage

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No doubt, soaring energy prices have made this year tough for businesses. Many energy suppliers in the UK have gone bust and ceased trading due to spiraling energy prices.   But don’t worry – don’t count yourself as one of those who can’t bear the burden. We are here to help you choose the right and perfect energy supplier for your business.

Practice these smart tips and tricks to minimize business electricity usage.

Tip 1: Always operate energy-efficient appliances at your business site

Upgrading energy-efficient appliances are one of the best approaches for reducing power consumption and saving money. You might be thinking about how to minimize electricity usage by using energy-efficient appliances. 

Upgrade old appliances— Buy energy-efficient appliances and use them effectively. For example, if you have not upgraded your refrigerator and air conditioners for more than ten years, reconsider upgrading them. Modern refrigerators and air conditioners use less electricity, so your company will save money on power for a long time if you buy more energy-efficient appliances. Also, keep an eye on such other appliances and replace them with users that use little energy to operate.

Replace fluorescent bulbs with LED lighting LED lighting technology is incredibly energy-efficient and has the potential to minimize commercial electricity bills.

Daylight sensors—Such sensors become active when sunlight reaches a particular area and causes other light to dim.

Tip 2: Conduct an energy audit at your business premises after every few months

An energy audit may be helpful for your business as it examines energy consumption on regular basis. An energy audit discloses to the piece of equipment on your property is the most expensive to operate. You can conduct an energy audit by yourself or can call an expert auditor.

Internal Audit— If you are a small business owner, you can conduct an energy audit by yourself, also known as an internal audit. Whereas conducting an internal audit, keep an eye on insulation, cooling and heating systems, leakages, and lighting at your premises. After inspection, make a plan to fix the problems you noticed when carrying out an energy audit.

On-site Audit—When an expert auditor visits your company and gives tips about how you may cut costs, it will be an onsite audit. They deeply examine types of equipment that have malfunctioned, use more electricity, and waste electricity. Fixing an ignorable problem in your electric devices can make a huge difference in reducing the business electricity bill.

Tip 3: Invest more and more in natural resources

Invest in natural and renewable resources in your business, and notice a big difference in reducing electricity bills.

Solar Energy — You can employ solar energy to run your business which is one of the most consistent kinds of natural energy. Powering your business premises through solar energy is more beneficial in summer when more solar energy is available for electricity generation.

Feed-in Tariff Feed-in tariff is a government initiative to promote renewable energy. By installing a suitable renewable energy system, you receive payment for electricity production. You get paid for contributing to green energy and the electricity you send to the National grid.

Smart Export Guarantee— The scheme was introduced in 2020 to encourage green electricity for businesses. According to this scheme, the extra energy generated by small businesses is returned to the National grid, and energy suppliers repay you for that electricity. Click here to read more about Smart Export Guarantee (SEG).

Tip 4: Install Half-Hourly Smart Meter

If you are worrying about your electricity consumption and soaring electricity bills, and you can’t find the right solution for how to reduce electricity usage in business, contact us for installing Half-hourly and smart meters at your premises. Half-hourly meters constantly provide readings of your business electricity to your supplier every 30 minutes. Additionally, half-hourly and smart meters for businesses also monitor the effectiveness of any energy-saving strategies implemented for minimizing electricity usage. These tips may be helpful in minimizing electricity consumption. But switching energy suppliers with the experts of Beta Energy Direct will help you save money as well.


What is the difference between Feed-in Tariff and Smart Export Guarantee?

The Feed-in tariff and Smart Export Guarantee are launched to encourage green energy. The Feed-in Tariff pays you collectively for the electricity generation as an appreciation for promoting renewable energy and the energy you deliver to the National Grid. Whereas Smart Export Guarantee (SEG) only pays you for delivering the energy to the National Grid.

Here It’s noteworthy to know that Feed-in Tariff is no longer available. If you have never signed in to feed-in tariff, now you can get Smart Export Guarantee. And those funded by the Feed-in Tariff are not eligible to get SEG.

Do government schemes help to invest in Solar panels?

Enhanced Capital Allowances (ECA), Renewable Heat Incentives (RHI), and Lease Purchase Agreements are the other available schemes that encourage green energy.

How can I install a Half-hourly smart meter for my business?

Installing a new half-hourly smart meter for your business is super easy now. The installation will take only two weeks and five days for a new meter. Whereas installing an extra meter may take up to 12 weeks for installation. Just note down the MPAN of your electricity meter and schedule a time for installation. You can also contact us. We can help you install a new meter and switch to a cheaper business electricity deal.

How can businesses be more energy efficient?

You can make your businesses more efficient by using smart technology electronics. Practice smart ways to minimize business electricity usage. So, it is advisable to replace computers with laptops, install smart meters, use daylight sensors, and introduce LED lights.

How can I reduce my commercial electricity bill?

You can reduce your commercial electricity bill with several techniques.

  • The first move to reduce commercial electricity bills is to switch to an energy supplier and compare the business electricity prices. Get in touch with Beta Energy Direct and we’ll compare business electricity prices and offer you a cheaper deal.
  • The next move is to install a half-hourly smart meter to bill accurately. It will ensure that you are paying for exactly what you are using. Energy-efficient appliances and using renewable resources at your businesses are other ways to reduce electricity bills.

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