Best Time to Switch Business Energy

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September 26, 2022
Business Energy Switch and Contract Basics
Business Energy Switch and Contract Basics
September 26, 2022
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Best Time to Switch Business Energy

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When is the best time to switch business energy provider?

Energy prices are constantly changing, and the price you pay can change dramatically depending on when you switch energy. The problem is that the terms of our commercial energy contracts do not allow us to actually switch energy suppliers until our current contract expires.

This does not mean that the switchover is entirely determined by the termination of the contract, energy price comparisons should be made as soon as the switchover window opens.

Confused? Our Beta Energy Direct (BED) guide explains everything you need to know.

When should you switch business energy suppliers?

It’s never a bad time to switch energy suppliers. What business owner doesn’t want an easy way to reduce overhead costs? – But when it comes to commercial gas and electricity, you have a limited time to compare and change offers.

If you’re looking for a new energy supply, the first thing you need to do is figure out when the switching window will open.

When your switching window opens

A switching window is a specific time frame during which you can compare business energy offers and sign up for new offers.

The length of the switchover window varies by supplier and type of energy contract, but typically begins one to six months before the current contract expires and in case of some suppliers you can begin your new contract before one year of your current contract expires.

If you don’t know when your current contract will expire, don’t worry. The supplier will write to you notifying you of the termination date of the contract. The communication will also include the provider’s renewal offer. The rates offered at this point are probably not competitive, so you should always compare other offers before signing up for another.

Once your current deal enters the switching window, you can connect with Beta Energy Direct (BED’s) tech-savvy experts to compare offers and negotiate exclusive prices on your behalf. You can’t actually switch at this time but you can agree to a new deal to set your rates and avoid price increases. This means the new deal will go into effect as soon as the old one ends. , you can avoid being transferred to the provider’s more expensive plan without a contract.

A word of warning, don’t rely on your provider to call you to let you know that your contract is about to end.

Switching to Beta Energy Direct (BED) is the easiest way to prevent this from happening. Because our energy experts monitor contract end dates and proactively find better deals before the switching window opens.

How the digital update service works:

  • We will send you an email to confirm the details before you look for any deals.
  • Choose from up to 3 benefits*. If you’re happy with the recommended options, just sit back, relax, and let the transition take place.
  • Once you have secured your chosen offer, review the following contract details.

For more information, enter your business details for call back  or call our tech-savvy team on (0800) 999-1160. *The number of offers to be sent may vary depending on circumstances.

When you’ve moved into a new business premises

Moving to better business energy services is likely to be one of your priorities when moving your business to a new property and it should be addressed at the first opportunity. This is because all businesses contract what are called deemed fees when moving to a new location, and these rates are always more and even very expensive than what you would find in a negotiated deal.

The good news is that you can switch commercial energy providers anytime at a fixed price without notice and without cancellation fees. If you recently moved to a new facility, see our guide to moving your business.

New Business Premises

As soon as possible

As Soon Possible

Energy prices are constantly changing, and market is very volatile in current circumstances, but they rarely fall. We saw prices drop during the lockdown, but this bottomed out at the end of his July and prices have been rising ever since.

You might think it’s not worth comparing offers once the switching window opens, simply because you won’t be able to benefit from your new plan until your current contract ends and your new one takes over.

But that’s not far from the truth. By signing new contracts at the earliest possible opportunity, you can secure your prices and avoid price increases. Prices can rise significantly in six months, which is especially important for long switching periods.

How to switch gas and electric suppliers with Beta Energy Direct (BED)

Now you know the best time to switch energy suppliers. The quickest and easiest way to switch your company’s electricity or gas provider is to let BED’s tech-savvy team do the heavy lifting.

A simple phone call is all it takes for our experts to find the best deals and negotiate special rates from our panel of trusted suppliers. This saves you time and money that you can invest in your business. To see how much you can save, enter your zip code in the box on the right or call our tech-savvy team on
(0800) 999-1160.

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